In a country like India, people blindly follow the babas. With as many news of such self styled Godman being exposed by the media, people didn’t stop following them. These holyman continue to con people in the name of religion.

In a press conference held in Delhi, Abhimanyu Singh, Sandeepa Dhar, Producer Vijay Bansal and Priya Bansal promoted their upcoming film ‘Global Baba’.

The upcoming Hindi film ‘Global Baba’ will be dealing with a similar story of a Godman whose real face will be unveiled. Where Ramleela fame ‘Abhimanyu Singh’ will be playing the role of a Godman, ‘Sandeepa Dhar’ will be playing a role of a journalist who will expose the baba in the film.

Abhimanyu Singh who was last seen in the film ‘Ramleela’ as Ranveer’s elder brother when asked if he was mistaken as a real baba while shooting he said “Yes, my get up was such that most of the time people actually thought that I am a real baba. While we were shooting in Banaras, most of the people critized me while most of them came with joining hands and asked for my ashirwad”

Sandeepa Dhar too added “it’s pretty shocking that people follow these babas without any research or just because their parents or forefathers do”

“The goal of the film is basically to stop these fraudulent babas and gurus from conning people” she added

Vijay Bansal when asked If the film or any role will affect any other baba, he said ” We have not targeted any baba or religion. With the film we just want to open the eyes of audience”

The film is scheduled for a release on 11th March.

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