#GameOfThrones is a religion said the spoof creator Mohit Hussein

Mohit Hussein created the Game of thrones spoof titled The Desi Hustle, on a YouTube channel, shitty ideas trending. In a personal interview he said game of thrones is a religion and we too are big fans.

“Game of thrones has been a religion I think. When we thought about creating this we were scared about the results if feel will like it or reject it. Because it’s a religion people become fanatics. We had the fear but we thought we are doing it in a fun space so why not.” said Mohit Hussein.

When asked about how the production process took place Mohit answered, “There was a lot of work for production; we wanted to do our best. There was a lot d detailing needed for this spoof. It took us almost a month for production and design. Right from the set, its properties were handpicked. The throne was also created, which was also a big deal. The wigs were another important aspect; we wanted actors to look like those characters. The prosthetics for the white walker and his makeup took almost 5 hours.”
He also spoke about why he picked these characters to play in the spoof,” I picked the 6 characters that I like the most from the show apart from that I think these are the strongest contenders for the throne in the show’s 7th season.”

“This is a standalone script we can’t afford to make more; it was very expensive to make this spoof and took a lot of time too.” He further added.

The spoof will be available to view on the Youtube channel of the Shitty Ideas Trending. The view has already crossed a view count of 44 thousand along with 8500 plus likes.

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