Film Review: Fight Back 2, a film on domestic abuse, makes sure to strike the right chords

Shipra and Shivankar Arora’s next short film Fight Back 2 is an eyeopener not only for many victims of domestic abuse but for those who take part in such violence at home. The film, which stars Sandeep Anand and Ankita Mitthal, is a short story about a woman who is a victim of domestic abuse, stand up and fight back!

The story, in its simplicity, drives home a very powerful message of strength and self reliance. It talks about the choice that every victim has to not accept his situation and actually take steps to change it. The screenplay and script is noteworthy and will make you open your eyes to the fact that so many women in the world suffer this violence silently and, in turn, the world asks them to carry on in the hope that things will be better one day!

The performances by both Sandeep and Ankita are excellent. In fact, Sandeep is so deeply intertwined in his character that you will actually hate him right from the start of the film.

It also brings home the message that the strength of a mother is beyond measure and she will do anything for her children.

Watch the film here

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