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Extraordinary Sufi singer, Kailash Kher and his controversies!

Kailash Kher
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Kailash Kher may not have worked for many songs but those few are really iconic and can still string the hearts of listeners. It might be understood that Sufi songs are generally not much liked by the new generation. The pop culture and rock music are in the minds of most of the youngsters. That’s why the songs didn’t get the credit of nostalgic creativity. Still, there are people who appreciate good music and songs like Teri deewani, Saiyaan etc. Recently, he had been a part of Adi yogi Shivratri musical nights, organized by Sadhguru. His song on Shiva was mesmerising. He is truly an appreciable figure in the industry.

#Me Too movement

Me Too movement was started to encourage the women who have been the prey to sexual assault in the work field. The theme was to help them put the incident in light and unmask those dirty faces. The campaign first started in Hollywood then swiftly gained fame in Bollywood too. Much shocking news from this movement cane to the news. Everyone was in dilemma to hear the Tanushree Dutta’s story on Nana Pathekar. People couldn’t believe that a personality like Nana could do such a heinous act. Though the opinions varied from people to people. Similar kind of case happened with Aloknath, the popular senior citizen actor of the movies. He had several claims after Me Too. Sona Mahapatra accused Kailash Kher lately under Me Too campaign and told her story to media.

Kailash Kher reaction to this!

He didn’t give any statement earlier at this by himself. After being asked repeatedly by media persons about the accusation of Sona Mahapatra, he finally replied. He said that he doesn’t have to say anything to the baseless accusations. That’s why he didn’t react anything to this earlier. He was living his life normally and believe to continue this. He also said that this is not a professional manner in industry. If she really is true then she should have filed a complaint against him and follow the legal way. His reaction to this was crystal clear that he doesn’t give any attention to those accusations which have no proof. He is really not bothered by it and challenged Sona Mahapatra to do the legal action if she is right. Obviously, what one can say if he is being accused by unpopular fame of industry who just suddenly came in light through serious accusations on him. Mystery doesn’t get an end here. Along with her, the other four women have also accused Kailash Kher of sexual harassment. Though the singer continuously denies any such claim but Me too movement has really left Bollywood in a deep shock.

The public demanded no work to those culprits accused of sexual exploitation charges but things stayed heated up for a few days and everything gets back normal again. Some people also believe that Me Too movement is baseless and if any women had been got exploited they should have conveyed it that time.

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