Salman Khan and Rubina

Did Salman Khan hint today, that makers want to let Rubin win the show?

In today’s episode of Weekend Ka Waar of Bigg Boss news, when Rahul Vaidya express his disagreement for called Bhagoda everytime. Salman Khan did something which fans think he hint’s something that they think Makers wants Rubina to win the show.

Actually today Rahul Vaidya discussed and he don’t want to call bhagoda everytime, as he don’t liked it. But, when Salman started started talking about this, he said you went out and came back and its unfare for all other contestent who are in the house since the day 1. However he only took Rubina and Abhinav’s name only, whereas other two contestent Eijaz Khan and Jasmin Bhasin where also in the house since day 1.

Its seens like some biasness towards Rubina and Abhinav what you say?

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