Did Nikkhil Arya know that Eijaz Khan is going to reach the finale?

Eijaz Khan entered the “Bigg Boss” house as a quiet guy who was only seen cleaning utensils in the first two weeks. In fact, the ex-contestants, who had entered the show as “Seniors”, were heard discussing about him not being visible enough in the show and that he won’t survive for too long. Anyways, the actor proved everyone wrong as his game plan became strong with each passing week and he also became the first finalist to enter this season’s finale. The “Kkavyanjali” actor also broke down after that and said that the show has been one of the greatest therapies in his life.

But did you know someone had already predicted this entire episode two weeks before Eijaz was announced the first finalist. Yes, and it was his “Kesar” co-star Nikkhil Arya.

Nikkhil in an interview had said, “He needs to add some fun aspects to his game and forever get rid of that little sympathy baggage that he has got stuck with. That could be the difference between being a top-five candidate and a winner. I think ‘Bigg Boss’ is only going to do good for Eijaz and I am happy that unknowingly he got a platform it’s going to work like some kind of therapy he really needs. It’s a boon in disguise.”

And we did hear Eijaz mouth the same words. So does this show that of all the people Eijaz has worked with, Nikkhil assessed him the best or does he know him well. How did he reach that conclusion? 

So we spoke to Nikkhil, and he said, “All I can say is that I am glad that my assessment was right. It’s the job of a life coach. A competitive game is extremely therapeutic for many a mental ailments, the sense of achievement and re-recognition alongwith the notion that I am loved by many is reassuring and cannot be substituted by any drug.In ‘Bigg Boss’ you have the double euphoria of beating the competition inside and winning the love outside. Good luck to my buddy Eijaz.”

It’s quite surreal and funny to have that sort of connection, where someone predicts and the other does just that!

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