Dear Zindagi Take 2 Teaser Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan Releasing Nov 25

Shahrukh khan and Alia Bhatt Starer Dear Zindagi is all set to release on 25 Nov 2016, We have already seen a teaser of this film few days back, and that teaser was started trending on youtube with few hours of its released.
Another teaser of Dear Zindagi has been released and this is also started trending on youtube. In this teaser we can see the cute nok jhok of this on screen couple how they are arguing each other on the name. Dear Zindagi Take 2, turned out, Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt are looking at reusing. SRK is repairing a cycle and uncovers on the off chance that he can’t settle it, he will reuse. Alia breaks a terrible one about reusing a cycle. Two children in Dear Zindagi’s Take 2 snigger, we do as well.
Yet, then, the mystery abandons us with a vital message of life, which is to repair what is broken rather than simply discarding it. Alia’s question to SRK is entirely fascinating, “Do you reuse individuals as well?”
The video starts with Jehangir Khan otherwise known as Shah Rukh Khan acquainting himself with Kaira, depicted by Alia Bhatt. While Jehangir, additionally called as Jug, is a calm refined kind, Kaira is a chirpy young lady who carries on with her life without bounds however has loathsome, shocking jokes. Indeed, before the end of the mystery, we likewise observe Shah Rukh asking for Alia to attempt and improve jokes.

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