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Bollywood veterans along with Dushyant Pratap Singh announces #savebollywood initiative

Bollywood veterans along with Dushyant Pratap Singh announces #savebollywood initiative
Bollywood veterans along with Dushyant Pratap Singh announces #savebollywood initiative
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Corona Virus has taken the whole country in its trap and it has lead to financial crisis for the Indian
Film Industry. Realising the gravity of the situation, Bollywood’s veteran promoter and director,
composer Dushyant Pratap Singh along with many other known faces from the industry like actors
Pankaj Berry, Zayed Shaikh, actresses Kavita Tripathi, Soniya Sharma, Arjuman Mugal, Trade Analyst
Atul Mohan, famous publicist Yogesh Lakhani, Music director Anjan Bhatacharya have written to the
honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, and respected Chief Ministers of the states Uddhav
Thackeray, Captain Amrinder Singh and Yogi AdityaNath requesting them to help the film industry on
the state and central level.

This plea includes:
1. Financial rebate for artists and technicians
2. Tax concession for producers
3. People associated with film industry to get semi government ID and to get rebate in government
4. To get the permission to do post production
5. Free Accidental insurance or at a minimal price
This campaign has been given the name #savebollywood. According to actor Pankaj Berry the
technicians are passing through a difficult phase and they need immediate help.
As per Kavita Tripathi big stars are not in that difficulty as the smaller ones. They should get
immediate help.

According to Dushyant Pratap Singh, almost 150000 people are associated with Indian Film industry
in an evident manner who earn their bread and butter on a daily basis.They have not been earning
at all.

Trade Analyst Atul Mohan says Indian Film Industry till now has incurred a loss of 2000 crores and
other sources of entertainment have borne a loss of 3000 crores,there is no possibility of recovering
back the lost money. According to actress Soniya Sharma, this is the right time when the Indian
Government should stand with the film industry because Indian stars have always stood for the

Jayed Shaikh says this is the right opportunity if the government stands with Indian cinema, it can
give a new direction to the world cinema. Music Director Anjaan Bhatacharya is deeply saddened to
see the condition of the music industry right now. He says, the government should come forward to
help at this hour.

Bollywood has high hopes and is waiting when will the government take steps to improve the
condition of the artists of the industry. Along with Bollywood, the regional actors are also bearing
the same loss and are in dire need of help. According to all the veterans, very soon an appointed
team will ask for a meeting with honourable Prime Minister and respective Chief Ministers to discuss
about this matter.

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