Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin took a jibe at Tejashwi Prakash

Bigg Boss 15 Neha Bhasin took a jibe at Tejashwi Prakash
The inclusion of two uncontrollable cards in Bigg Boss 15 took place this Ka Kaar weekend. Neha Bhasin and Rakesh Bapat, spotted on Bigg Boss OTT as uncontrollable cardholders entered the house. While Rakesh looked calm as usual, on the other hand, Neha Bhasin started directing Karan Tejashwi as soon as he entered the house. Neha Bhasin arrived after watching the program, so as an audience, he also directed family members.

Over the weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan spoke about questions written by Rakesh and Neha Bhasin to family members, in which Neha Bhasin asked Tejashwi Prakash that whenever Karan Kundrra and Shamita Shetty were together- Why are you angry when talking to others? Upon hearing this question, Tejashwi turned his face away and said that such things annoyed me now.

Tejashwi looked at Neha and said, ask your question. Neha replied that what I told her in the house was that she had a problem, not that she had a problem with Shamita, but that there was a problem with it. In response, Tejashwi said, 'I have no problem talking to them and talking openly with Karan about this'.

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when Neha came to talk to Tejashwi, Tejashwi said directly to go and remove Shamita that there is no such problem on my side when they are talking to each other, because Karan is not my boyfriend or anything. Tejashwi said I do not want a story like this about Shamita, because it annoys me a lot.

Tejashwi, putting his point in front of Neha, said that I am not one of the girls who should encourage catfighting, I do not want to fight you. You're right with me, and I want you to be nice too. I don’t want to dump anyone. Tejashwi said I was very confident about who I was. Neha told Tejashwi, 'It's not a game, people listen to us 100 per cent, now it's not in our hands how we can show art, we just play, so if you don't want anything like this. in what you say.

When Neha heard Tejashwi say we are creative as we speak, Salman could not control his anger and Salman Khan said there was no idea what we were doing in this house. This game is your program and we show it to the audience as you do. There is no script here. Neha Bhasin also apologized to Salman for his remarks after realizing his mistake.

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