Bigg Boss 9 Salman Khan’s Double Trouble Tagline means ?

{ Bigg Boss 9 Salman Khan’s Double Trouble Tagline means }- Bigg Boss Season 9 first teaser has been released on Sunday, 6th September 2015 with the tagline double trouble. Salman Khan looks stunning in the 1st promo of Bigg Boss 9. Past few years Bigg Boss has developed the theme concept, these year also Bigg Boss has the Double trouble concept. As like previous seasons this year also Promo of Bigg boss 9 has got the millions views in just 2 days of release. However every single person is thinking of what is mean by double trouble so here we are providing some assumption as prior to tagline.

Bigg Boss 9 Salman Khan’s Double Trouble Tagline means

What is Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble Means?

{ What is Double Trouble Means, Possibilities of Salman Khan’s Double Trouble Means?}- As news from the top sources the Bigg Boss 9 house will be painted by nine colours that reassemble the 9 human emotions.  So let’s look at what will be the theme of house, here are some possibilities we are sharing here.

The makers of the Bigg Boss 9 are planning to rope real life couples as participants in Bigg boss house, as like previous seasons Shilpa- Apoorva, Tanaaz-Bhaktiyar and also other participants may act like couples. There may be 20 contestants in house and couples may get nominate from the house. Its seem  like very crazy ideas, but it may possible that couples ideas will be for few weeks as like last season Airplane, latter all contestants are moved to new luxuries house of Bigg Boss.

Lets see there will be 9 more promos will going to come before starting season, and one by one then confusion of this season will revealed. In the coming promos we exactly know what will the exact theme of Bigg Boss season 9.

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