Bigg Boss 10 – Why is Bani crying?


Subsequent to making a few endeavors to ransack Rohan’s gold, Lopamudra ends up getting got without fail. Being solid willed, Lopa tries to talk sweet with Rohan and even ties him with a rope. However, aware of the way that none of her arrangements appear to work, Lopa at long last surrenders. Having secured his gold for the duration of the night, Rohan and the housemates wake up to Chandi Ki Daal Par. Talking about the fizzled theft endeavor, Lopa tells Manveer that she may have been effective if Manu would have made a difference.
While making breakfast, Bani insults Mona requesting that her keep the utensils clean. Mona gets irritated with Bani for more than once discussing a similar thing. Supporting herself, Bani advises Mona to not think about it literally in light of the fact that she seeks after a little cleanliness in the kitchen. At the point when Bani whines about this to Rohan, Lopa insults her by requesting that her try to do she says others should do. Chafed by this, Bani gets some information about her behind her back.As Bani leaves, Lopa gets into a fight with Rohan saying that he is not strict with Bani with regards to housework. Rohan, thus, advises her that she can’t direct what he ought to or ought not do.ater in the day, not able to trust his ghulams, Rohan chooses to guarantee that no one has stolen any gold by checking the candidates’ pockets. Om Swami blames Rahul for concealing some gold, and this prompts to a serious contention between the two. Seeing connections being tried through this assignment, Lopa gets enthusiastic on the grounds that she feels that the errand has changed her into someone else.
nnouncing the end of the BB Gold Mine errand, Bigg Boss additionally uncovers the mystery assignment given to Lopa and Manu. Rohan’s execution additionally turned into a theme of discourse and his endeavors were praised by Bigg Boss. Annoyed with Lopa for having imparted subtle elements of the mystery assignment to alternate candidates, Manu went on a tirade – discovering support in Bani.
As the day goes to a sensational close, Bani’s feelings assume control as she battles with being horribly misconstrued by her kindred hopefuls.