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Bigg Boss 10 News – Rohan Mehra loses his cool

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Bigg Boss 10 News – The environment in the house is very warmed up as of now. Consistently Celebrities are feeling the weight and retaliating about the way they are being dealt with as Sevaks. In the midst of this Rohan Mehra appeared to be a quiet, created individual however today evening time even he losees his temper.
Rohan erroneously drops water on Priyanka and that allows her to provoke him. She gets into a dreadful contention and makes him wash her garments as requital. Rohan swallows the affront around then yet he loses it when Manu tries to put him down. He says that Rohan won’t have the capacity to do anything in the house. A rankled Rohan at long last says that, ‘Yehi farak hai Aap mein aur Hum mein’. At Rohan’s remark poop hits the fan and Manu charges towards him. Bani and different Celebrities come in the middle of and stop Manu!
That is a great deal of dramatization incident on today evening time’s scene! Try not to miss the activity and tune in at 10.30PM! Click here for a brisk sneak look into this warmed contention!


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