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Bhagyashree and Alankrita Sahai comes together for Womens Health

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51% of Indian women are anemic! Postpartum depression is quite common in Indian women, but awareness and support for new mothers are not sought out. Stds are on a rise despite the assumption that protective measures or contraceptives are finding more buyers. 1 in 5 women is diagnosed with PCOS and the more we run through the statistics we realize how alarming the numbers are. We haven’t even begun talking about the number of women who are assaulted but do not seek medical help.
In the fight for equality, we want women to stand up and seek help for themselves, rather than wait for someone to help them. Supporting this cause are celebrities across India and all we need is the support of the media to bring the change.
Speaking about the initiative and supporting DOC PLUS’ initiative Bollywood celebrities came together at Hinduja Health Care, Khar to talk and Spread awareness on Women’s health

Alankrita Sahai
Alankrita Sahai

Talking about the same actor Bhagyashree says, “Happiness and smiles, both have ‘I’ in the center for a reason, you have to look after yourself first. Women’s Health often takes a back seat in their lives as they tend to their husband, kids, families and home/career, irrespective of their education or social status. Indian women, in particular, are brought up to be givers and health taking a back seat, very often their emotional well being too is compromised due to lack of information, hormonal imbalances or simply delay in availing treatment and Care at the appropriate time.

Also, Miss Earth and actor Alankrita Sahai says, ” If you are a woman, then growing up in India is a challenge. You don’t get the same opportunities, you don’t get the same importance as men. In fact, we are not even taken seriously just because we are a woman. But the biggest issue we face is security. In the patriarchal society we live in, women are always pushed into a subordinate existence, if we let people think we are secondary then it is our fault too. With DOC PLUS and we want to compel women to stop being shy of their own needs, their own bodies. SEEK HELP, don’t be ashamed! If we don’t speak, the government will keep speaking about other issues, when they actually should be compartmentalizing a special section for women and their well-being, in a country as Vast as India.”

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