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‘Bad Boys For Life’ Director Duo Adil And Bilall Are SRK’s Newest Fans

'Bad Boys For Life' Director Duo Adil And Bilall Are SRK's Newest Fans
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King Khan rules not only the hearts of millions of people in our country but he has a worldwide following. People are crazy for him and his films that some of them who don’t even understand the Hindi language can watch Hindi films ‘just for him’. His craze is unending and now the star has got his newest fans.

‘Bad Boys For Life’ director duo Adil & Bilall are big fans of Shahrukh Khan and the duo want him to star in the bollywood version of their hit film.

The director duo Adil & Bilall love Bollywood and want SRK to star in the bollywood version of their film,if ever it is made.  The duo are originally from Morocco which has a huge fan base for bollywood films and specially Shahrukh Khan. They are super excited to see a bollywood version of their film with a little more addition of music to their version.

Earlier this year, Director Rohit Shetty had also expressed his desire to make a bollywood adaptation of this hit hollywood franchise. However, he did not mention the stars he wants to cast for the same who will be essaying the role of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

‘Bad Boys For Life’ is the third installment in the Bad Boys Trilogy. The film was released in January this year and got good reviews. The film starred Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in lead roles as Detective Mike Lowrey and Detective Marcus Burnett respectively. The film revolves around the two of them investigating a string of murders tied to Lowrey’s troubled past.


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