Awards are important to me : Manit Joura

Actor Manit Joura, who is currently working in two shows Kundali Bhagya and Prem Bandhan recently bagged an award in the Best Actor category in the International Iconic Awards ceremony. Sharing the excitement Manit says,”I am super happy, I think the best actor award is something I look upto. An actor is an actor irrespective of the podium be it supportive or lead. Right now when I am working in two shows, I put equal effort in both my shows. I am overwhelmed that after 15 years of journey my work is getting acknowledged and it’s the best feeling in the world. When I came to Mumbai I didn’t know many things, didn’t know many people but everything I learned in this industry from my fellow actors. I look up to a few actors and have learnt from them.”

Before he started acting, Manit was into modelling and he was simultaneously thinking of doing something in the creative field. He adds,” I have invested lot of time and energy into learning acting and I am very happy that my hard work has paid off now.” Manit has an interesting way of approaching roles. He says,”The journey is still on I just feel every single day is first day for me a fresh scene still makes me nervous. When I approach for a new character I ask myself do I really know acting? I still ask myself every time whether my approach 8s right. This is because I have a desire to better myself in my craft."

Speaking more about the importance of awards in his life Manit says,” Honestly awards are important to me. I want my work to get acknowledged by people, by directors, by the society, by the producer, by the fraternity because I have put in a lot of effort and sacrifices. I don’t get discouraged if I don’t get awards I feel that it might not be my time yet. I need to work harder and if I get an award I won’t take it easy. I still have to work hard. I am glad that people like my work and this what I enjoy. Recently when I gave my first shot of Prem Bandhan everybody clapped for me. That is far more important to me than an award, it gives me a lot of positive energy. I have sacrificed so many things, I left my house and that is worth now and it keeps me motivated.” Manit is always well dressed for any kind of social events. He takes the compliment very humbly and says,” Thank you so much for this but the whole credit goes to my Designer who makes sure whatever I am wearing it has to be comfortable and stylish.”

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