ANNA HAZARE: Kisan Baburao hazare who fought against the corruption and took the whole nation with a storm and his life and fight is now filmed that took 4 years to complete.
Anna Hazare and the reel life Anna played by Shashank Udapurkar promoted the film ‘Anna’ in Delhi. Anna Hazare fought against the corrupt people. The fight was then followed by every Indian. Anna told in the press conference “If you wish to change the world, you have to start by changing the village first”
“Anyone can become Anna. A person living in a temple could change a lot of things. I am 79 year old. I didn’t marry to serve the nation. Today youth is lacking the family values. I have come a long way just because my mother taught me so much. She stood by my side in every phase of my life. I want the same ” added Anna.
Shashank Udapurkar who apart from acting in the movie has also worn the director’s hat for the film said “I have lived the character. I went through all the feelings and emotions and therefore I decided to direct the movie”
He further added “Your future is in your hands. You are responsible for changing it. Do not give it to the hands of government”

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