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Anu Aggarwal: My birthday plans for this year is to be joyful and spread joy among everyone around me

Anu Aggarwal the tall lady turns a year wiser on January 11. The Bollywood star, style guru, fashion model and yoga expert is looking forward to celebrating the day with loved ones, the people Anu Aggarwal Foundation™️ takes care of and those who are associated with AnuFunYoga.

“My birthday plans for this year is to be joyful and to spread joy to my family, friends, fans, those who are needy, in short everyone around me. We are limitless beings, so I pray each one of us starts to believe and act beyond the limits they have posed for themselves. Be free and be happy,” she smiles.

“Self love, silence and care” are the three gifts she wants to give herself. For she says nothing matters more than inner peace and the joy one derives from serving other loving beings.

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“Confidence is the biggest gift that came from my parents. They were proud of having a girl child. My best childhood memory is my birthday where I found out how much my father had celebrated my birth, even more than that of a son! When I came into this world, not able to curtail his joy, he had merrily rushed off telegrams to our extended family and friends. That love made me what I am today,” she shares.

Age is just a number and Anu agrees with the saying. “We are ageless beings so let’s keep the child alive in us,” she urges. She has started getting acting offers as there is lot of buzz happening about her.

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