Aly Goni becomes mama, sister blessed with a baby girl

It’s celebration time for Aly Goni’s family as the actor’s sister, Ilham Goni, has been blessed with a baby girl. Ilham delivered the baby on January 31 at a hospital in Jammu.

She is already a mother to triplets Darain, Ibadat, and Ibrahim, and we saw a glimpse of the trio during the family week of the reality show “Bigg Boss” when Ilham spoke to Aly via a video call.

Aly’s mom, Ruby Goni, said, “Both mother and baby are doing fine. We are very happy but missing Aly since we know how close he is to his niece and nephews and we can’t wait for him to meet the new baby.”

“He is playing really well, and we wish him all the best,” she added. Aly’s good friend and actress Jasmin Bhasin is close to his family and was very happy when she heard the news. She said, “I am very happy and super excited. Aly will go crazy when he will get to know about this. I am very attached to Ilham and her babies and I was eagerly waiting to hear the news. I can’t wait to see the baby now and as soon as Aly comes we will definitely go to spend time with the babies.”  During the family week, Aly had asked Ilham about the due date to which she had then said, “Abhi time hai”, and Aly was quick to reply “Mere birthday (February 25) pe karna.”

In an earlier interview Ilham had revealed, “For Aly, everything is about the kids since they were born. He is very close to them. Video calls almost every day and asks me to send videos. Aly was concerned about my pregnancy and wanted me to come to Mumbai and deliver there, like before. But as he was not there himself and due to Covid-19, I decided to stay in Jammu. He used to ask every time about the due date and he wanted to be here with me during that time. When he got to know it’s in February, he wanted it to be around his birthday.”

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