Alpana Buch (Baa)

Alpana Buch on playing Anupamaa’s baa: The best character that I could have ever got!

Actor Alpana Buch, who plays the role of Baa in Rajan Shahi’s Anupamaa, says that she is very satisfied with the role. She says that there are very few characters who are as strong. “This is an excellent character that I could get and I don’t think that I could get such an amazing character after this anywhere. This is the ultimate and optimum character one actor deserves. I don’t relate to this character. Actually, I am totally different from Baa’s character in real life but that’s the reason I enjoy playing her a lot. I’m not like that nor have I faced such people in my life ever. My mother-in-law was never like this. So, for me. to perform this character well was a challenge because I have never played such a grey-shaded character. Till date, I have always played sweet, subtle mother characters, be it films or television shows,” says Alpana, who has been seen in shows such as Saraswatichandra, Udaan, Balveer and Papadpol.

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Anupamaa, as a show is being loved by the audience and the actor says that this is because it’s one-of-a-kind. “I feel that this show is different from the shows that we have seen on television till now. This story is not at all predictable. Plus, these incidents are relatable to how things are around you and you would have faced such situations at some point of your life too. So that’s the reason for it surpassing everyone’s expectations,” she says.

Alpana shares a great rapport with everyone on the set. In fact, an offscreen video of the entire star cast is testimony to this “I am blessed to have this family around me. Frankly speaking, we are the same in reality that we portray in these videos. At times, I feel like God has some hand in making this show as it feels like especially these people have been brought together as a family to make this show a success,” she says.

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She adds, “Both Rupali (Ganguly) and Sudhanshu (Pandey) are very dear to me. We all feel a lot for each other, especially after the lockdown. We don’t feel like we are away from our families on set. We share our food, gossip, problems and everything with each other. And now that we are working for a long time, Rupali is like my actual daughter-in-law. I explain things to her, care about her etc. And Sudhanshu, he is the kind of son that every mother would want but of course before the revelation.”

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