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Akshay Kumar Urge Fans To Take Lock Down Seriously

Akshay Kumar Urge Fans To Take Lock Down Seriously
Akshay Kumar Urge Fans To Take Lock Down Seriously
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Everyone everywhere is only taking about widespread of Corona. While people from Italy are trying their best to bring awareness amongst other nations to take it seriously, here in India some people are still not taking it seriously.
Venting out his anger on those lunatics, Akshay Kumar shared a video on his social media where he is trying to make them understand the aftermaths of not following lockdown seriously.
He wrote #StayAtHomeSaveLives At the risk of sounding repetitive, sharing my thoughts…there is a lockdown for a reason. Please don’t be selfish and venture out, you are putting others lives at risk. #StayAtHomeSaveLives @my_bmc
Khiladi Kumar starts the video by asking for forgiveness if he uses wrong words and posts, “Have some people lost it? What has happened to them, who doesn’t understand the meaning of LOCKDOWN ? Lockdown means you are supposed to stay at home with the family. It doesn’t mean you are roaming in the streets outside. All those who are trying to show how brave you are by moving out in the streets this time, let me tell you this won’t help at all. You yourself will land up in the hospital and will also take your family there.  Nobody will survive if you won’t take care. I request all of you to please use your mind. I perform various stunts in my films, but this deadly disease has taken a toll of eveyone’s life all over the world. You can become your family’s hero but be a khiladi of life and stay at home. Till the time government is asking to stay at home, just stay at home. Be doing this you will save your life and your family’s. We have raged a war against corona, we have to defeat it and we don’t have a choice.  The only way is to stay at home and wash your hands.”
Since the country has gone down for 21 days lockdown now, many other celebrities are also coming forward and are requesting the people to follow the lockdown strictly in order to prevent themselves and their families from falling a prey to this menace.

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