Akshay Giri and Shravan Patil Re-vives TagDog Media.

TagDog Media a multi-media agency possessed by Shravan Patil and Akshay Giri is getting back course, where the owners of the company are on a move to a carve a new journey to succeed. The duo Shravan-Akshay penned some efficacious strategies to host the firm with an uplifted quality. Both the captains have pulled up the socks, to triumph over the marathon of glory.

The duo sweated, hustling while pupil were in the air of locked-doors. Akshay-Shravan assure, every effort initiated shall deliver a favourable outcome. TagDog Media is now available to deliver high-end services with a pinch of quality and creativity. The re-constructed TagDog is all set to nourish the demand and goals of the client.

Tagdog Media is currently under collaboration with forthcoming artists and brands. where the team has shot an album in Dubai with Rohan Mehra and Kanchi Singh the pair from the T.V series ‘Ye Rishta Kya Khelata Hai’. TagDog will be debuting in Hindi Cinema as a production house, the trailer of the film will be released soon in 2021.

Speaking on the re-construiion of the company, founder Shravan Patil utters, “The journey of returning was not easy, it took lot of risk and dedication, none the less hard work always pays off”. While Akshay Giri says, “It is just the start many thing are yet to achieve”.

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