Ajaz Khan fights with Hospital authority to help a reporter reconcile with her daughter

On Friday Ajaz khan met Shahnaz and helped her reconnect with her daughter who was held captive by Holy Spirit Hospital due to lack of bill payments. After looking for support everywhere, Ajaz khan finally came to her aid with supports and media.

The former big boss contestant spoke to the reporters outside Holy Spirit hospital “Shahnaz is a reporter herself, I hadn’t met her before, but Nasim khan (reporter) an old friend of mine, called me and informed me about these miss happenings. Media wasn’t helping her even other foundation were not making any effort. Holy Spirit hospital wouldn’t let Shainaz meet her daughter for just 1 lakh rupees. I said, that’s okay, it will be paid by the Allah Ke Banday Foundation.”

He also added, “I just want my voice to be heard, so was looking for support from people around and they all came to her aid. I want to thank my team present here and Nasim Khan for giving me this chance to help someone.

When asked how it was to visit Pathanwadi and meet the child Ajaz Khan answered, “I had heard that to be able to help a mother reconnect with her daughter is the biggest gift, opportunity. I was told by Nasim khan that the daughter is a month old and she hadn’t seen her mother in more than a week. The hospital isn’t allowing the mother to meet her child. I had to come and help her out. Thank you for all the people who have come to support and slowing hopefully more people will show support if such cases come forth more in future.”

Media also spoke to Shahnaz the mother outside the hospital; the mother only had humble works for Ajaz khan and said she wa sthankdful for his support and his much needed help.

When asked how he felt emotionally about the incident, Ajaz khan answered “Humanity is dying, I spoke to the doctors and requested them as mere people to think and let shahnaz meet her child but they didn’t falter. I am feeling heroic and good at heart that I was able to help someone in dire need.”

Ajaz Khan is surrounded by media again after his previous controversies with TV stars and charges filed against him. Ajaz khan was previously seen in Bigg Boss season 7 and season 8 along with Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 5 as a contestant.

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