Ahana becomes the Uplive celebrity of the March

Meet Ahana, a rising comedic star and India’s Uplive Celebrity for the month of March.

Meet Ahana, a rising comedic star and India’s Uplive Celebrity for the month of March. Before discovering Uplive, the daily routine of Ahana’s small town life was beginning to take its toll on the young talent, whose true desire was to make people laugh. She knew she possessed the charm and wit needed to be a comedian, all that was missing was an audience that would grant the exposure needed to propel her into stardom.  Luckily Ahana would not have to wait long before being introduced to an international audience through Uplive.

 One day while performing an impromptu stand-up set at a friend’s birthday party, someone suggested Ahana take her talents online through live-streaming. After all, if she could bring a room full of people to tears, imagine what she could do on a platform connected with people from all over world! The live-streaming app recommended to Ahana was Uplive.

Though at first reluctant to tell jokes to a virtual audience, Ahana soon found Uplive to be a gateway to a brandnew world of comedy and friends.  Her talent for connecting with people through jokes rapidly garnered Ahana thousands of followers from all over the world, increasing her profile not just on Uplive, but on social media as well. However, Ahana’s followers are not just her audience for jokes, but real people that share their hopes and dreams with her, and it’s because of her ability to engage with them that her followers have in turn supported Ahana’s career through Uplive and beyond. Thanks to Uplive, Ahana now makes exponentially more than she did before and is able to support her family financially while simultaneously honing her craft as a comedian. Ahana’s talent has blossomed on Uplive, and you can find her streaming daily, making viewers laugh with her own brand of wit and humor.

 Uplive is a welcoming platform for anyone waiting to showcase their talent and become visible on a global platform with 100 million users.  The best part is, like Ahana, your passion can be your profession on Uplive, and provide an entirely new stream of income. Moreover, it is the only live-streaming app where people of all ages can broadcast.

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