“Agent Vinod Official Trailer” | Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor

SUBSCRIBE FOR LATEST VIDEOS ▻ Here is the official teaser trailer of Saif Ali Khan’s upcoming bollywood action flick “Agent Vinod”.

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31 thoughts on ““Agent Vinod Official Trailer” | Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor

  1. @123nimka Lol James Bond would kick saif ali's ass in real life. He kills terrorists like saif ali in every film. And this loser thinks he has any charm. James Bond could fuck your wife in 2 seconds if he want. And why dont we put this piece of shit up against 007 SKYFALL? Think you evrn stand a chance you desi indian faggot?

  2. @kalkibhagwan Lol where do you think bollywood stories come from you desi dog?.. oops i mean copywood. You only think its porn because you indians think about western girls due to the ugly women in your country. You cant even have sex with a beautiful girl in your life. And you dont understand english so you dont understand story. Lol sala ganduu

  3. Hmm..The trailer doesnt impress me much…Leave the action part for Hollywood..Bollywood is good in acting and story line, so better focus on that….Hope the movie is better than the Promo.

  4. a spy, not giving away his identity, so he can run away easy. He's trying to find out a certain code and fells in love with an innocent girl, searched by the FBI. 🙂

  5. don 2 is an another overacting venture by Mr. Sharukh Khan…..and i really cant believe there are still fools praising this overa acting….guy….let him watch AV and defenitely he has got something to learn….defenitely an decent acting!!!!

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