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Abhay Episode 2 Review – Kunal Khemu continues to impress in the cop avatar

Abhay Episode 2 Review - Kunal Khemu continues to impress in the cop avatar
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After streaming the first episode of Kunal Khemu’s debut web series “Abhay” on 7 Feb. Now “Abhay Episode 2” goes live on ZEE5 official app and you can catch the second episode of the thriller Abhay on ZEE5 now.

Abhay is a crime thriller web series where actor Kunal Khemu is playing a role of Abhay Pratap Singh, a Special Task Force police officer. In the series, the crux of the series revolves around him solving various criminal cases while battling his own personal issues. If you have seen the first episode then you must know that Abhay is a series where you see a new story/case to be solved in every episode.

The first episode was inspired by the 2006 Noida serial murders Nithari case.  Where Moninder Singh Pandher and his domestic help, Surinder Kohli together kidnapped 19 kids and women, raped and murdered all of them. You can see how Abhay took the case in his hand and resolves the same. You can read the review of “Abhay Episode 1” by clicking on the link.

Abhay Episode 2 starts with a new story of psycho killer involved in a triple murder. Anshuman Jha played a role of the killer (Pramod) and in the story, he killed his parent first and further did another murder of a girl Surabhi ( Yashashri Masurkar) who was missing from last few days and this case was handed over to Abhay. To crack the case, Abhay started his investigation with the help of a cyber expert.

Along with the main story in each episode, there is another story which runs simultaneously. Abhay (Kunal Khemu’s) own story, a story of his son Saahil ( Pratyaksh Panwar) where he is trying to protect him from Natasha. This part of the story is real suspense as even after two episodes you can’t predict what’s the story behind this fear of something may happen with his son Sahil. Although post completion of Abhay Episode 2 you can find some connection between Abhay, Sahil and Natasha. Episode 2 leaves suspense of another character Govind as Natasha said “Govind Wapas Aya Hai”. I think, post entry of this character we can find what happened with Saahil in past. We can see more on this in the coming episodes and this will help to make connections with the viewers.

In terms of acting, Kunal Khemu gave one of the best performance as in Bollywood he was the most underrated actor. In Abhay, he gets maximum screen space and he utilised the same to show his talent. Even Anshuman Jha also gave a commendable performance. Especially there are two scenes in Abhay Episode 2 where you can him ace it with his acting chops. In both the scenes, there are moments where he does not speak and only convey a message through his actions and did a fantastic job.

All together you can watch this series for Kunal Khemu as he gave his best in the series. A fresh story in every episode will give you some fresh content on every episode and Abhay, Saahil and Natasha’s suspense will help you connect to the thrilling story and wait for upcoming episodes in the coming days.

The wait shall not be long as Abhay Episode 3 is expected to live soon as only two episodes in a month get live. So, what do you think about the series? I would love to hear your views in the comments.



Ritu 2019-03-24 at 15:51

Its nice, but episode are coming so late

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