Aanushka Ramesh (19)

Aanushka Ramesh: I was very stressed during the initial days of the lockdown

An Ad campaign for Rupam stores, a calendar shoot in Dubai for FitnGlam as well as music video Pranaam, Aanushka Ramesh, has had her hands full ever since the lockdown. However, the actor says that it was challenging to stay positive during the lockdown and she had to constantly keep motivating herself. “My last two projects post the lockdown have been an ad campaign for Rupam Stories, as well as the FitnGlam International calendar shoot season 2. This happened in Dubai and was one of the first international shots post lockdown. It was a great experience. I also did a music video called Pranaam, during the lockdown. It features Sadhguru, it was sung by Sonu Kakkar and Rituraj Mohanty. It was composed by Sachin Gupta. Currently, I am awaiting a few more upcoming projects,” he says.

She adds, “The pandemic situation was definitely a challenging time for the entire world at large. However, it was a very positive time as well as we all got to learn a lot and appreciate the things that we would take for granted. I was very stressed out during the first 8-10 days of the lockdown as it was a major lifestyle change. As actors, we are always on the move and are travelling for various things. So, from that to just be confined at home, where you cannot even step out was a very difficult adjustment but I decided that I have to take it positively otherwise it will be difficult to manage this time. It was quite certain, after a point of time, that we don’t know when this would end. I decided to make use of the time positively. I did activities on social media, connected with friends and did live Insta videos. I didn’t realise how the time went by, I would keep myself so occupied, be it working at home, generally taking care of my health and overall wellbeing. I was very sure that I wanted to utilize this time positively. I felt this time would never come again. It was challenging and my heart went out to all the people who suffered. I decided to use this time positively and it went by peacefully for me.” The actor is also gearing up for her Bollywood debut. “I am working on my upcoming Bollywood debut film which is titled Mangal Moh as well as a few other projects which will be announced very shortly.”

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