Review "Sultan" – There is only one thing constant in Bollywood. Salman Khan

There is only one thing constant in Bollywood. Salman Salman Salman. What happens when you give him a pointless movie with his Swagger? It is a Hit and sometimes a blockbuster! But what happens when you give him a Story like Bajrangi Bhaijaan and now Sultan? It becomes Bollywood itself. If there was any dispute that Salman can act or not, then If not Bajrangi Bhaijaan, then Sultan definitely shuts the mouth of his critics. It is his best performance ever. Period
Sultan the movie has everything right about it. Right elements of drama, emotions, romance, action and portions of comedy too. The movie talks about the tale of an aimless middle-aged village man, who in order to prove himself and his worth becomes one homegrown virtuous wrestler. He is rare, one of a kind, with ‘O’ negative blood group. With his tiding success, he becomes arrogant but gets smashed in life and goes into complete exile.
The movie starts with the conversation between Gyan Ji and his son Aakash. Aakash is being demanded the success of his franchise ‘PRO – Take Down’. And given a time of 6 months to save it. It is his father Gyan who mentions the name of homegrown wrestler ‘Sultan’ and talks about his story. That only he can safeguard him and no one else. Winning is Sultan’s passion and defeating his talent. He tells Aakash his virtuous tales.
In present day Aakash following his father optimism visits Sultan’s village Baroli and inquires about him. Sultan is seen seeking donation for Aman blood bank. This completely shatters all hopes of Aakash. Govind (Sultan’s buddy) tells Aakash – Sultan’s famous love story and its tragic twist. A wound so strong, with no blood or mark. The reason why Sultan turned his back to wrestling.
The first half saw Sultan’s introspection, his true love for Aarfa (Simply Excellent Anushka as wrestling state champion and daughter of Barkat wrestler), his transformation, practice sessions to become the one proud wrestler for himself and his love. And then comes the tragic point, the emotional and dramatic twist in the lives of these two sports person.
The second half saw Sultan’s beefed body as a defeated wrestler at the hands of life. His trial and transformation phase to regain his lost self. And zeal to strike the ring once again are the ultimate high points.
Randeep as Fateh Singh, the martial art expert, becomes the coach of Sultan (the middle-aged wrestling champion). Fateh trains him, teaches him the speed, format, and technique that goes in the freestyle fights at ‘PRO – Take Down’. Quite contrary to Sultan’s desi akhada techniques. In Fateh Singh words ‘Sultan fight is not to win this championship, but a fight with himself’. There is also enough dose of friendship between Govind and Sultan. Where the former stays and supports him throughout the matches. Cheers him up with ‘Re sultan kar de chadayi’.
Sultan knockout each of his opponents with his famous ‘Sultan Slams’ at PRO –Take Down.
In the end fight at ‘PRO –Take Down’ it is Sultan vs the Sultan. Where he shares his 3 learnings of life. One, wrestling in not a just a game, but a dangal with self. The second that a true wrestler is one who fights the hardships of life and not just pick up the medals. And the third nobody can defeat you until you yourself give up.
The movie is loaded with messages. Why Aarfa becomes a wrestler? To prove that now girls will fight and rise – ‘Ladkiyan Uthengi’. The need and urgency to have blood bank because time is merciless and anything adverse can happen anytime, with anybody. The perspective of mother and father, their strong bond in times of pain and grief. The message to never give up, however, hard times strike you. And lots more!
Anushka Sharma as Aarfa is exceptional and has again shown that she is in for a long innings in bollywood. With every movie, this girl shows that she is as versatile as any other big actresses names in Bollywood. The character is well stitched and she has done complete justice to the role of Aarfa.
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Sultan (the character) throughout the movie is tagged with many names. The names highlighted his dedication and passion for wrestling with the likes of Romeo wrestler, Haryane ki shaan, the star is born, Indian lion, King of Ring etc.
There were characters who completed the story of Sultan and Aarfa, their wrestling journey, wins at matches, loss in life and their second chances.
Watch for: The backdrop of Haryana, its soil, dialect, and locations. The love story between Sultan and Aarfa. The game of wrestling & its discipline. The introspection and transformation phase, and for the ultimate win.
Abbas Ali Zaffar has shown strong and superb direction throughout the movie. Each moment and scene mesmerizes you, linger inside you.
The music by Vishal – Shekhar is groovy, subtle, romantic, and also motivating at right places. The title track is energetic, boosts you up.
Many of the dialogues are hard hitting, and motivating. Akin to Sultan’s famous dialogue that like a doctor marries a doctor, an engineer with an engineer, ‘to wrestler ki Jodi to wrestler se hi hogi na’. On similar lines it will be apt to say that Salman is meant for Bollywood and nowhere else.

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