5 Quick And Easy Self-Care Ideas For Moms

Time is precious for every busy mom. You always seem to run out of it. When you think about your priorities, self-care might not also make it to your list as your priority will consist of your kids, home, family, and work.

However, improper self-care is not good for you because you might be doing yourself more harm than good. Illness, stress, depression, and even burn out can occur when you are not giving your body the right self-care it deserves. Putting yourself first in spite of having a family will ensure that you are functioning at your best and you will also be able to attend to your family as well as your career.
Here are some self-care ideas for busy moms who need that break from motherhood:

Get Enough Sleep And RestIt’s a well-known fact that depriving yourself of sleep has great adverse consequences. Not getting up to six hours of sleep can cause an increased risk of depression, weight gain and cardiovascular diseases. Most of us don’t care about these implications. If you want to carry on with the daily routine of feeling refreshed, it is essential you establish a relaxing and comforting bedtime routine. Don’t forget that the bedroom is meant for you to sleep! Every woman deserves her beauty sleep!
Connect With Your Social Life

While you are trying to make sure that you accomplish your shared goals, don’t let your busy schedule prevent you from squeezing in time to hang out with your family and friends. Try to free up space on your plan to ensure that you connect with your friends on a regular basis. You can make the last Friday of every month a date night for example, or you can schedule a coffee date with your friends once in a while. Make it a goal to invite or visit your neighbors once in a while and plan on a movie everyone can watch so you all can enjoy the day. You can make a walking date, go window shopping, have lunch at a restaurant or even join a mom group or book club. All these will help you reduce your stress levels.

Nourish and Feed Yourself

Just like it is essential to feed and nourish our children properly, it is vital that we put the best into our body to ensure that we can fuel ourselves for the difficult task of parenting. It’s a good thing for your kids to see you practice self-care because you are teaching them a healthy behavior. If you are looking to make eating a fun habit, try to go vegetarian weekly, drink water instead of soda, cook from scratch often and ensure you keep your refrigerator stocked with ingredients to make quick, easy and healthy meals. It also not a bad idea to treat yourself with a little treat now and then.

Pamper Yourself

As a mom, you deserve the best. Treat yourself to a pampering experience with a full body massage. You can’t compare the relaxing feeling of a message to any other. You can also have a facial once in a while. If you’re scared of leaving your kids behind while you’re at the spa, you can look out for child-friendly spas where you can enjoy the excellent massage as well as a great hang out session with your kids.

Take Your Health As A Priority

Don’t take your health for granted just like you won’t allow your kids to miss their appointment with the dentist or their annual check-ups. Listen to your body signals and seek medical attention. Schedule annual checkups, mammograms, skin exams, flu shots, pap smears and also vision screening. Lastly, don’t forget to visit the dentist for yearly cleaning and exam.

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5 Self-Care Ideas for Busy Moms


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