26 Interesting Facts About Bollywood

  1. The Bachchans hold the Guinness World record for being the only father-son duo to have played reversed roles on-screen in Paa.
  2. 7:30 p.m. was the time when Bhagat Singh was hanged to death and it has been captured in the movie Rang De Basanti. The broken watch of Sue’s grandfather shows the same time.
  3. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is the longest running movie in world. It has been running for over 1000 weeks.
  4. Swades is a movie based on real life couple named Aravinda Pillalamarri and Ravi Kuchimanchi. The NRI couple had returned to India and developed a pedal power generator to light remote, off-the-grid village schools.

  5. Mughal-E-Azam was shot in 3 languages simultaneously, but when the Tamil edition didn’t fair well, the English version was also scrapped.

  6. Izzat is the only Bollywood movie, where Jayalalitha (Amma) has been cast. There is even a scene where in Dharam Paaji is lifting her.

  7. Danny Denzongpa was the original choice for the role of Gabbar in Sholay as the voice of Amjad Khan was found weak for the villainous rule

  8. In the early 40’s working in the movie industry was considered low, and the famous music director Naushad was introduced as a tailor to the future bride. Ironically his songs from the movie Rattan were played by the baraat.

  9. Sridevi was 13 when she played the role of Rajnikanth’s stepmom in the Tamil movie Moondru Mudichu. It is surprising to have that kind of start at that early age.

  10. The concept of a dream sequence was first introduced in the movie Awara released in the year 1951.Ghar aaya mera pardesi, became an instant hit with that concept.

  11. To keep the stars look in shape, the sequence of shooting the film Rockstar was reversed. As in the climax was shot first in order to keep the long hair look as designed.

  12. Jeetendra started his career as a body double for a female actor Sandhya for the movie Navrang. We don’t who was more embarrassed in this case.

  13. There are 3 distinct Kapoor families and at point in time when Anil started off his career, he sought shelter with Raj Kapoor’s family.

  14. The movie Kismet was such a big blockbuster that it was one of the first movies to run straight in the theatre for 3 years.

  15. Raj Kapoor is the face of optimism in Russia, as his smile in the movie Awara conquered the hearts of all the folks after the war with Germany.

  16. Do Aankhein Baraah Haath is the first Indian film to have won the Golden Globe award under the Samuel Goldwyn category.

  17. Ae Maalik Tere Bandhe Hum sung by Lata Mangeshkar from the above movie has been adopted as the anthem of a school in Pakistan.

  18. Bollywood’s first production which was a short film was produced in the the year 1899 – that is 11 years before the first Hollywood movie was released.

  19. Alam Araa is the first feature film which is a full length movie.

  20. The longest song till date is Ab tumhare hawale hai watan saathiyon which is 20 minutes long and has been split into three parts across the movie. It is soon to be overtaken by the 21 minute song from the movie Mastaan.

  21. The longest Bollywood movie is actually Gangs of Wasseypur which is 319 minutes long. It was released as a single movie at the Cannes film festival but was split into two parts for the Indian theaters.

  22. Sunil Dutt holds the Guinness World record for the being the only actor in a 113 minutes long feature film Yaadein

  23. Jagdish Raj also holds the Guinness World record for the being the most typecast actor as he played the role of a police inspector in 144 movies.

24. Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai entered the Guinness World Record for holding 92 awards for one movie in almost all the categories.

  1. Zeishan Quadri of the Gangs of Wasseypur fame (Definite) was born in Wasseypur. His novel based on real life based incidents is the base of the movie.
  • 500,000 farmers of Gujrat produced the movie Manthan which is based on the concept of the ‘White Revolution’ in India. It is the only movie with the largest count of individual investors for a movie.

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