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8 Bollywood Movies That Ridicule Sanskaari Stereotypes

8 Bollywood Movies That Ridicule Sanskaari Stereotypes
8 Bollywood Movies That Ridicule Sanskaari Stereotypes
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Over the years, Bollywood movies have given hype to certain stereotypes and thanks to the makers who made these stereotypes larger than life. A bit late, but today we have an array of films which have condemned the sanskaari stereotypes and have led the foundation of the modern school where are no stereotypes.

1. Dangal – 2016 

Besides breaking many records on the Box office as the movie was the highest-earning film of that year, Dangal also broke many stereotypes. The movie is a real story of boxing champs Geeta and Babita Phogat, who have represented the country at the international level and have won medals for the country. Unlike most of the Bollywood movies where it is the son who fulfils his father’s dream, in this movie, the daughters of Mahavir Singh Phogat, who himself was a boxer; fulfil his desires that too without questioning it.

Apart from this, there would be hardly Bollywood movies that had heroines with short hair. Also, unlike other films, it did not show the story of a champion who has excelled at every level; it showcased his real journey while maintaining the aesthetics. This movie changed many mindsets and proved girls are no less than boys in every field.

2. Kapoor and Sons – 2016

Directed by Shakun Batra, Kapoor and Sons have Rishi Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra, Fawad Khan, and Alia Bhatt in a pivotal role. Unlike many sanskaari families, especially those are shown in the Barjatya movies, Kapoor and Sons had a dysfunctional story that showed the real relationship between brothers and a father and son.

Where in most Bollywood movies, elder couples or preferably parents have an exemplary married life. This movie brought light to the other side of the coin where parents can also be not happy in their married life but have to live together for the sake of their family. That’s not it. The movie is a perfect example of real-life where in actual things does not work out as happened with the youngest son, who was so talented but couldn’t make a successful carrier. On the other hand, the elder brother who is successful is not interested in girls and has different partner choices, which also through light on an important topic that a man or woman could not find his or her partner in the same gender.

3. Piku  2015

Amitabh Bachchan, Dipika Padukon, and Irfan Khan Starrer Piku is a light-hearted story of the father who does not want to be left alone. Unlike the social belief where daughters are considered to be paraya dhan, Bhaskar Banerjee (Amitabh Bachchan) treats her daughter (Dipika Padukon) like an asset and does not imagine his life without her. However, in the movie, no one is dependent on each other; neither the daughter nor the father. They both have their own experience. Piku is an independent woman who also looks after her father. This movie gained many eyeballs for its different storylines and concept. Also, it was one of its kind Bollywood movies, which was a woman-centric.

4. Pink  2016

Pink was not a court drama only. It has much more to show. It spread the powerful message that ‘’No’’ means no. Unlike in most of the movies, especially the ones that are a love story, it is shown that if a girl says no for love, it means she desires for it, but that’s not the truth. When a girl says no, she does not mean anything else. And, nobody has the right to touch women without her concern. The movie did not only depict women fighting for justice; it showed independent women fighting for the truth. It questioned the fact that why women have to be shown powerless or timid, they are strong enough to take their stand and fight for themselves. The movie was applauded for its brave concept and for ridiculing male chauvinism.

5. Vicky Donor – 2012

Vicky Donor is a new generation movie that highlights the critical topic of sperm donation, which is common in the country; however, people do not find it ideal to talk. Ayushman Khurana excellently played the role of Punjabi Munda, who falls in the love of a Bengali girl. It reflected the modern family where the Punjabi family accepts a Bengali Bahu without hyping the sensitive topic of inter-caste marriage. Also, sperms donating could be a profession that could bring happiness to millions of lives.

6. Badhai Ho  2018

Badhai ho was a beautiful family picture that brought a new concept on the table. In the movie, where the elder couple has a 25-year-old son and another son, you are matured pregnant again. This was something new. We all have had such relatives who have the same situation, but still, we aren’t ready to accept the fact. The movie questions the stereotype, thinking that why parents cannot make love and bring forth the vital lesson that why only parents have to accept their kids like the way they are why kids cannot accept them.

7. Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan – 2020

The Comedy-drama is about the two men who are in love with each other. Yes, you read that rights two men. The movie delivered a compelling message of Homosexuality with the dose of laughter. The storyline movie ridicules many stereotypes.

8. Thappad  2010

Thappad is the story of an Indian woman who fights against his husband. Just for the sack of slap, that’s what we have been hearing- He has just slapped you, you should adjust with him, he is your husband. Yes, he might be your husband, but no one has the right to hit you even slap a woman. The movie has good positive reviews and is still running in the Box Office. You can book your tickets through Bookmyshow and use Bookmyshow coupons to get a discount.


Bollywood has given us a couple of inspirational movies that have ridiculed the sanskaari stereotypes and have given way to modern thinking where no one is less than no one.

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