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Actress Iti Acharya gets appointed as a member of the Anti Corruption Commission

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We have seen many actors coming forward to raise their voices against corruption but we seldom see them taking any steps after but we recently seen something opposite to happening. Kavacha actress Iti Acharya was recently appointed as the member the Anti-Corruption Commission Bangalore.

While speaking about her appointment Iti stated,” I am really happy about taking on this new role, corruption is an undeniable subject in our country and we should all do our in order to make our country free from corruption.”

Iti is also the secretary of The International Human Rights Commission for the last three years and is now become a member of the Anti Corruption Commission after noticing her enthusiasm and eagerness to participate in causes.

“Being an actor I have been blessed with the privilege of having a public platform wherein my voice can reach a large number of people. I have a vision to use this platform in social reforms which will help bring a positive change in our society.” said Iti.

“I have been taking part in many such groups because I feel this is my opportunity to give back to the society and do my best to educate and influence the masses and especially the youth.”signed off Iti Acharya