Dish Patani love natural beauty


Talking about the Mac Shades of Direction Patani, the direction said, “I am very happy that Mac has colaborated with anyone in India for the first time. I have three favorite lipsticks, which I love very much. I am very excited about it, and hope that people will like it. I have also designed the package of lipstick. “

Giving his opinion on make-up, the direction said, “I think girls are lucky in this case because they can make themselves beautiful through make-up. But still I believe in natural beauty, I like more makeup Not, but when I go out somewhere I have to look a bit different, then in such a situation I like to make makeup and this makes us feel better and slightly different We also have a kind of lipstick that we can give ourselves a new look. “

When asked about his name in the Mac from the direction, the direction said, “I am very fortunate and happy too, it seems like my dream has been fulfilled. I like make-up, but still I do make-up

 I am learning why I am not great in this matter but I have a great make-up team. Today I’m feeling very happy with Colaborating with MAC Yes. “

Regarding his forthcoming film ‘India’, he said, “I’m very excited about it, and its tailor is going to be released soon. I do not know what I should expect, I am just happy about it.”

Sharing the experience of working with , the direction said, “Salman is a very good person, he is a very great actor, I learned a lot from him. He has been in the film industry for many years, but even today It is equally hard work and they all behave humblely, it does not seem that they are such a big star of Bollywood. “

Direction Patani’s film ‘India’ will be released on June 5, 2019