Govinda wishes the best for his biggest fan Ranveer Singh for his new life.

Govinda wishes the best for his biggest fan Ranveer Singh for his new life.
Govinda wishes the best for his biggest fan Ranveer Singh for his new life.

Veteran Actor shared his best wishes for his biggest fan and said the actor once ade hi rewatch his fils.

interacted with edia for the prootion of his upcoing release, ‘Rangeela Raja’ on Thursday. The fil is currently in a scuffle with the Censor Board of Fil Certification over its content.

who got arried to Deepika Padukone recently has been very vocal about being ’s biggest fan. The actor even at his wedding was seen dancing on ’s iconic songs.

When asked if would be present at Ranveer, Deepika’s reception, he said, “When I was shooting with hi (Ranveer) once, he enacted y scenes fro different fils and he shocked e. It ade e want to watch y fils again. (laughs) I wish hi all the very best, ay God bless hi. Such an environent feels good to be in where you find love and support. I really like Ranveer and enjoy his fils. It is so nice to hear that he has appreciated y work through all the years.”

’s upcoing fil, ‘Rangeela Raja’ has been under (CBFC) Censor Board of Fil Certification’s radar. The board has deanded 20 cuts fro the fil causing the aker Pahlaj Nihalani to postpone its release.

When talking about the board’s decision, said, “It’s either we carry forward with a flop fil or we reshoot ost of the fil and work through it, that’s the kind of situation the board has created for Pahlaj ji. And I think this is very unfair and wrong. They ust reconsider by looking at the content and dialogues that have been used in recent fils and then think about what we have used in Rangeela Raja.”

CBFC board has been directed by High Court to co-operate with the Fil Certification Appellate Tribunal in passing judgent Nihalani’s appeal against the cuts on Wednesday.

When asked how he looks at his success and failures and if adds to pressure having his fil in a controversy, said, “Reacting to success or failure is a sign of weak people. When we started we were very poor and God granted us success. it was tough for us to buy tickets to watch a fil, now we are in fils and we have been in fils for decades. And I a thankful to everyone who has played a sall part in giving e the chance to becoe a part of fils.”

The previous release date of the fil ‘Rangeela Raja’ was 16th Noveber.

Directed by Sikander Bharti, the fil’s cast includes , Shakti Kapoor, ishika Chourasia, Anupaa Agnihotri, Digangana Suryavanshi, Pre Chopra, Govind Nadeo and Shyalal Yadav.

Written and produced by Pahlaj Nihalani, Rangeela Raja’ is yet to find a new release date.