Raj Kapoor Gave a definition of An Indian says Sanjay Khan


Sanjay Khan unveiled his autobiography “The Best Mistakes Of My Life” here in Mumbai. During his interaction, the actor turned author shared his fascination with legendary Raj Kapoor and reason to dedicate an entire chapter to the late actor.

Veteran Actor and Producer Sanjay Khan have turned author with his autobiography titled “The Best Mistakes of My Life” which takes the readers into Sanjay’s world of films, family, his near-death accident and a special chapter dedicated to thespian Raj Kapoor.
Talking about Raj Kapoor in his book, Sanjay Khan said, “Raj Kapoor gave a definition to Indian. After the freedom struggle, over a century, we won our freedom with great turmoil and struggle. But everyone forgot about Indian, how would you define an Indian? You got a constitution, you have become a republic of India but Raj Kapoor out of some sub-conscious effort he created a definition of an Indian”

“A common man from the country; innocent and pure, stumbles into this big ugly city and brings his honesty, innocence and upbringing with him, which is engrained to his mind. So he created the character Shree 420, Awara and his songs, he appealed to the mass by depicting this country pumpkin. And making them, giving them a definition as to who an Indian was”

Further adding Sanjay Khan said, “This was my effort, a tribute to a great Raj Kapoor, who perhaps a lot of people do not know, his film Awara is among one of the Best 100 films ever made in world history. My fascination for Raj Kapoor was from the day I saw the film, so in my book, I wanted to dedicate a tribute to him. So I did some research and wrote what I have written and I want my readers to read”

The book was launched with much fanfare with entire Sanjay Khan clan, which included Zayed Khan and Farah Khan along with their partners and Dia Mirza, Akbar Khan, Dr. Farukh Abdullah, Hema Malini, Jackie Shroff, Shatrughan Sinha, and many others attended the book launch.