The story of “Still about section 377” focuses on Acceptance


Its a journey of an Urban gay couple who land up in the village in order to convince the family of one of the partners to accept the same gender relationship forms the crux, it also highlights the myths people have about the LGBT community and the story hence focuses on breaking those myths as well as educate masses on how one should not be judgmental

One of the prominent features is a never seen before transgender track, where the tale dwells into the life of a transgender based in a village who fights the prejudice of society and yearns to make a living.

For the first time a web-series will highlight the transgender issue in India Today is not just a mere series, it is truly a medium for liberating thousand of lives that live in the fear of being judged or being laughed at for the choices they make, whereas love is too pure to be restricted or rather be a criminal offense.

Director: Amit Khanna
Producer: Anuya Kudecha, Dancing Shiva Films