Review – Plus Minus a Short film by Bhuvan Bam and Divya Dutta


This is the first time I am writing something about any short film, not because of any bad intention but I never felt like to write or share something about the short film I watched. However this time I would like to share my view on a short film that I just saw and that’s Bhuvan Bam and Divya Dutt’s Plus Minus

Things I like most – The Story which gives you a completely different perspective of things happening in your life. That too relatable with every people and because of this, you can feel a connection with the story. A message that story conveys is very true that we can remember the story of Celebrity or Cricketer but we hardly find any interest in a soldier’s life.  If we talk about acting then we all know how good Divya Dutt in term of acting and we have seen her in many films and here also she totally justify the character and I think no one can do better then Divya. Casting director did a fantastic job by choosing Divya for this role. Even Bhuvan Bam also did well and we all know that it’s his first time for this kind of serious role.

Things I don’t like –  Although considering this is a short film I everything was perfect and I must recommend watching this. Just one thing that could be better on some parts where Bhuvan talking with Divya, I found some smiley gestures on Bhuvan’s face which look not appropriate for the character Bhuvan is playing. And too because Bhuvan is not a professional actor and that a very little thing that can be ignored.

I must recommend watching the film, and if you already have seen the film tell us how do you find Bhuvan and Plus Minus.