Prachi Tehlan’s “No comparison” thought shows her HEIGHT of humbleness

Prachi Tehlan

1There was a time in the glamour industry when height wasn’t as important a factor as acting skills and facial beauty.

Prachi Tehlan

But with actresses like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor – with a tall posture – making big in the industry, height became an essential factor to succeed. But do you know who is topping the charts? Well, it’s the style diva Prachi Tehlan.

With a charismatic personality and impressive height of 5’11”, Tehlan left everyone talking about her soon after her debut. Besides the talent to excel in the film and television industry, she was the hot topic of discussion for being compared to the ace actors Deepika Padukone and Sushmita Sen.

2However, Prachi doesn’t really appreciate this comparison.

Prachi Tehlan

“I feel good when fans compare me with Deepika and Sushmita, but to be honest, I believe there should be no comparison between two artists. Every individual has some unique talent. There is a different story of hard work and struggle behind every single being who is at some position today,” said Tehlan, adding, “I came from the sports background. Whatever I have achieved till date is for my happiness and satisfaction. There is nothing that can be compared with others. My story is different like each one of you.”

3But did her height really helped in making a career in showbiz?

Prachi nods her head in approval. “Yes, my height proved beneficial for me twice. Star Plus was looking for somebody with a great height and I ended up getting the role. History repeated itself when I was again selected for another show for the same reason,” says Tehlan who started her career with a small role in a show and made herself capable enough to act alongside superstar Mamoothy in a Malayalam movie.