Malayalam cinema is very advance and I learn alot from watching it, says Siddharth Roy Kapur

Siddharth Roy Kapur
Siddharth Roy Kapur
says he learns a lot from watching  Malayalam cinema and thinks its brings superb stories to the big screen.
Kapur interacted with the media at a special screening of Malayalam film “Ranam” on Tuesday in Mumbai.

Talking about Malayalam cinema Kapur said, they are ahead of the hindi film industry. “I think  Malayalam cinema is very advance. Yhe stories that come from there. When you watch it in Hindi here you feel like we should be making more films like these. The dept of their story telling the quality of acting filmmaking is superb.

Whenever there is a Malayalam which has a lot of talk about ti i make sure to watch it. I learn a lot from watching what they are doing in Malayalam cinema right now.”
When asked which movie would he like to see a hindi remake of, he said, “There is a movie named bangalore days and I think it deserves a remake in hindi and hope it happens. I have a big fan of the film but haven’t bought the rights.”

is know to be backing a biopic on the life of Indian astronaut Rakesh Sharma, was asked if he thinks producing biopic has challenges, he said,  “Not really, I think producing any film is never easy because there are always different considerations when it comes to different movies and especially in a biopic, because you have to be true to the life of a person and you can’t take liberty in making something completely different from his actual life.

“It also gives you a chance to be able to tell a true story of heroism. There are lots of unsung heroes that we have in our country who deserve a biopic on their life. There are many heroes in India other than those in sports, cinema and politics… So, we should look at a lot of inspirations when it comes to movies that you want to make.”

last production was Dangal in 2016 and next will be the Rakesh Sharma biopic.