Bigg Boss 12 – Jasleen’s romantic kiss to Anup Jalota.

Jasleen kissed Anup Jalota
Jasleen kissed Anup Jalota
Anoop Jalota and Jasleen have come as a pair in ‘Big Boss’. During the premiere of the show, both of them had said that both of them were in relationship and that the disclosure was done only during the show.

In the ‘’, these two have been seen less romance but in Day 12 episode seems to have been showing Jasleen Prem’s shower. This is the first time that two such people in love have already come home, among which the age gap is quite high. Anoop Jalota was seen praising Jasleen many times during the show but now what will happen is never before in ‘’.

As shown in the episode, Jasleen says to Anup that ‘I will tell you one thing and you have to admit it today. You will not even remove it. ‘ Post that Jasleen Kissed Anup on Forehead and his Chicks.

Al-thought this is the first time when they both shown some romance into the show, lets what they brings in the future.

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