Bigg Boss 12 – Is It Strong PR ? Seems Surbhi and Kriti will be in the Center of Season 12


Since the day Bigg Boss got started long back 2006 we have seen many people talking about the favoritism or doing favor few of the contestants to move that contestant forward in the show.

Now, the Season 12 got started and the first episode will be telecast from today onwards and if you following Bigg Boss social media accounts and if you are on Voot app then you must know that from last two day there are two contestants from a common category that Surabhi and Kriti are all there everywhere.

Although they both were seen in Roadies earlier and they had a stronghold to handle the reality show and they show up to play with the camera and all. They both will definitely get some benefits out of it with early entry into the Bigg Boss house. I am sure Bigg Boss also don’t want to miss any chance to leave the TRP out of Both.