U.S. Justice Department Makes Argument Against AT&T-Time Warner Merger

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In June, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon approved the merger between AT&T and Time Warner over the government’s challenge. The decision prompted the Justice Department to file an appeal in an effort to halt the major business move from taking place and now the U.S. government has delivered its opening brief to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

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In the introduction to their appellate argument, the Justice Department noted how the outcome of the appeal will affect consumers:

“This appeal arises from the first vertical merger case the United States has needed to litigate to judgment in four decades, a fact that reflects the government’s high standard for bringing such actions and the widespread harm this merger will cause. The outcome of this appeal will shape the future of the media and telecommunications industries for years to come by setting the standard for determining whether industry participants will be permitted to merge into vertically integrated firms that control valuable programming content as well as the means of distributing that content to consumers.”

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Justice Dept. lawyer Mary Helen Wimberly wrote:

“It is fundamental to the economics of bargaining that a party derives leverage in a negotiation from the ability to walk away. The court agreed that Time Warner enjoyed bargaining leverage before the merger, but it illogically and erroneously concluded that Time Warner will have no increased leverage post-merger because blackouts are “infeasible” so Time Warner cannot credibly threaten them. The court’s reasoning makes no sense, rendering clearly erroneous its analysis of the evidence on increased bargaining leverage.”

A date for oral arguments has yet to be set, though the schedule accepted by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals notes that AT&T and Time Warner will respond by September 20 followed by the government’s response on October 11.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

6 Times The Justice League Came Up Short

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Justice LeagueThe Justice League is comprised of the best and brightest heroes the DC Universe has to offer. When you’ve got Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman all on one team, it’s a hard combination to beat. Despite their combined strength, the Justice League has been taken down quite a few times in their long history.

Over the years, the League has faced all kinds of threats, ranging from a grief-stricken Black Adam on a rampage to an invasion of White Martians. Usually the Justice Leauge is able to overcome these threats, but sometimes they don’t have what it takes to stop evil. Of course, these are comic books and things usually shift back towards the light side in time, but that doesn’t mean darkness can’t win, at least temporarily.

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