Prachi Tehlan’s new photo shoot is now Internet’s new doze of Cuteness

Prachi Tehlan Photoshoot (2)
Prachi Tehlan Photoshoot

Prachi Tehlan, an actress who looks ethereal in any look she dawns, has set the Instagram on fire with her new musically video.

Giving us the glimpse of her fun side from a shoot, she makes it impossible for anyone to scroll down without liking the clip, while teasing us for wanting more.

In the video she can be seen being goofy and carefree, which makes it even more natural. Not just this, but the video was also accompanied by a sassy caption that said, “very good girl has a bad girl side. It just depends if her partner knows how to awaken the beast ! 💀”, indeed hinting at her “Other” side which most of us aren’t aware of.