No One — Not Even Michael Jordan — Is Siding With Donald Trump In His Stupid LeBron James Fight

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LeBron James‘ sheer existence makes Donald Trump look like a small, small man.

We learned that overnight, as Trump tweeted stupid and insensitive remarks about James and CNN host Don Lemon just as LBJ was showing the news outlet around the incredible new public school he founded.

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And we’re increasingly learning that today, too, as we see the wave after wave of support coming in for LeBron… with no one — not even Michael Jordan, who Trump called out by name — coming to support the Cheeto-In-Chief in the midst of his most ridiculous tantrum yet.

It all really started this morning with Jordan, who released a statement essentially telling Trump to go fuck himself (below):


As opposed to Trump, who is literally whining his face off about cable TV specials every night.

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But Jordan’s support of LeBron was far from the only support the NBA superstar received — look at ALL THESE PEOPLE siding with LeBron over The Donald, and it’s really not even a hard choice (below):


LOVES it!!!

And here, just for balance, is one incredibly stupid person saying one incredibly, incredibly stupid thing (below):

Go home, Piers.

But besides Mr. Morgan, what do y’all think of THAT?!

Let us know in the comments (below)!!!

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