Metal Gear Solid Director On Making The ‘First Great Video Game Movie’

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Jordan Vogt-Roberts isn’t a stranger to video game and big budget movies and he promised, in a recent interview, that his Metal Gear Solid movie will be the “first great video game movie”.

More often than not when any of us hear about a video game being adapted for a big screen adaptation, it’s usually met with rolling eyes.  Mario Bros., Assassins Creed, Street Fighter and mountains more have fallen victim to having a universally hated film made about them.  Mortal Kombat seeming to be the only exception.  So when I heard that one of the longest running and most popular video game franchises there is was getting a movie adaptation, it came with some worries.

Vogt-Roberts wants to squash those worries and in a recent interview with he laid out not only his vision but why this movie could be the “first great video game movie”:

“There are Star Wars movies to talk about, there’s all sorts of stuff to talk about. To me, this is that. This is a new frontier not only for me as a filmmaker but I just feel like for audiences. To me, it’s a way to make the first great video game movie where it doesn’t matter that it’s based on a video game.”

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One of the base stories behind Metal Gear Solid is the creation of super-advanced bipedal mech robots, Metal Gears, that are being developed. The game also veers into the more paranormal, but Vogt-Roberts says he wants it to be relevant in today’s world:

“People have forgotten about mutually assured destruction. People have forgotten about nuclear proliferation. People have forgotten about what that type of nuclear fear is. We’ve done a lot of work to make the Metal Gears themselves relevant in a very cool way.”

He also assured both fans of the franchise and newcomers alike that there will be something for everyone to enjoy and connect within the film:

“We have to work that much harder to make film that touches people in the same way that you and I as kids were like, blown away by it. To me, Metal Gear Solid is that. Hideo Kojima’s world is that. So hell or high water I will be fighting for this thing the rest of my life to not only shepherd the best version of it on-screen, but just because I genuinely believe it’s a world that people are ready to see. And that by leaning into all the crazy things that people may say, ‘Whoa, you can’t adapt a Metal Gear movie because of thisthis, and this.’ I actually believe thatthatthat, and that is how you make the rest of the world fall in love with it.”

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Probably the most unfortunate thing about trying to make a big budget film about a video game series that’s been running since 1987, is that it’s dense with characters and lore. Sometimes that’s what causes a movie to struggle the most.  Warcraft fell victim to this critique from many fans of the franchise, while people who hadn’t played the games were left confused by this huge new world they had just wandered into.  Luckily, seeing as Vogt-Roberts has worked with multi-character/monster films before (Kong: Skull Island) while it may be a bit of a daunting task, he is up for it:

“The thing about Metal Gear is it’s intentionally sprawling and it’s intentionally dense. It’d be super easy to do one sliver of it or do too much at once. And we’ve spent the last little bit really trying to figure out, to me, the most Kojima-san inspired way to tackle as much of that story through a device that I think allows you to tap in…how to put this without spoiling it?…regardless, we have a device that I think allows us to respect the breadth of the franchise, respect the sprawling nature of the franchise, respect the somewhat convoluted nature of the franchise at times. But to still show you the mirrors. What I mean by that is all those timelines fundamentally exist because they show the repetition of war throughout time. They show the repetition and the cycle of pain throughout time. So it ’s almost impossible to tell just one story now. You need the full throughline of what this game is about.”

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Crunching down 50 hours of gameplay or 800 pages of a book into a film is never an easy task to take on.  Sometimes it’s better suited for a TV show like ‘Game of Thrones’.  Seeing someone not only be a fan of the source material but want to make as true an adaptation as they can while hoping to please hardcore fans and new fans alike gives me hope. Vogt-Roberts isn’t a stranger to video games either.  He worked on a Destiny 2 trailer back in 2017. While that isn’t a feature film, it does show that he has a hand in that industry and is passionate about it.  It doesn’t appear he’s making this movie to cash a cheque, but to actually make a great adaptation. Only time will tell.

While there are currently no details on the film’s plot, the first game in the series focused on special forces operative Solid Snake and his mission to find the superweapon called “Metal Gear.”

Do you have faith in Vogt-Roberts’ ability to make the “First Great Video Game Movie”? Or have you been hurt too many times before?  Let us know in the comments!

Metal Gear Solid is currently in development and does not have a release date. Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on the project!

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