Ghoul Review – Bit Horror and Satire on current Situation of Nationalism | Netflix


Back to back Netflix is proving that why it is best digital content provider among all digital platform, Today, on 24th August’2018 Netflix released the new web series with start cast like Radhika Apte, Manav Kaul  “Ghoul”

This is the third film of Radhika Apte with Netflix in with every film Radhika is impressing people with her acting and Manav Kaul also a good actor and both did a fantastic job in term of acting.

Talk about my view on the “Ghoul”, During the first episode I was literally thinking that in the trailer it was projected as some supernatural or horror story but it doesn’t look like the same. Rather the story looks like some terrorist and Kashmiri nationalist and anti-nationalist topic. But, that main suspense of the film and director did an awesome work for direction. Ghoul has Entertainment, Good Acting, Good Story and all this be able to hold your grip to and you can’t take off your eyes from the screen.

I will not tell the story of the film, you must go and watch the same to enjoy it, but as a glimpse it’s a story which shows the reality of Indian government and their behaviors towards the Kashmiri Muslims.  And that too with an angle of some Supernatural angle. As the name suggest Ghoul which mean “Zinn”.

Another best part Ghoul is also a satire on Mob lynching and current definition of nationalist and current state of proceeding to deal with the people who got arrested by our intelligence. And the beauty is that all this was showcase without taking any name of leader or institute.

It’s completely worth to take a subscription of Netflix that single series will justify your whole month subscription.