​Rishi Kapoor – Don’t Fly British Airways

​Rishi Kapoor – Don’t Fly British Airways
​Rishi Kapoor – Don’t Fly British Airways

Rishi Kapoor is making headlines again for his Tweet Shennigans! This time around the actor slams British Airways for kicking an Indian family was off British Airways flight over ‘crying child’.

A father claims BA subjected him to “humiliation and racist behaviour”, triggering calls for Indians to boycott the airline and actor is all for that!
took to his social media profile and wrote, “Racist. Dont fly British Airways. We cannot be kicked around. Sad to hear about the Berlin child incident. I stopped flying BA after the cabin crew were rude and had attitude not once but twice even after being a first class passenger. Fly Jetair or Emirates. There is dignity.”

Apparently has stopped flying British Airways, according to his update, because of their “rude” and “bad attitude”.
Actor is currently enjoying his massively critically acclaimed performance in Mulk. The film is directed by directed by Anubhav Sinha, also starring Taapsee Pannu. The film talks about a Muslim family trying to reclaim its lost honour.

Next the actor will be seen in Rajma Chawal, which  is an upcoming drama film directed by Leena Yadav, produced by Gulab Singh Tanwar and Aseem Bajaj. The film stars r, Anirudh Tanwar and Amyra Dastur in the lead. The film revolves around a father-son relationship in today’s time.