‘Delhi 47 KM’ Movie review

‘Delhi 47 KM’ Movie review
‘Delhi 47 KM’ Movie review

After being appreciated for the movie ‘B.A Pass’, filmmaker Shadab Khan, has come up with ‘’ which is releasing on 20th July’ 18. The film features Rajneesh Dubey, Dolly Tomar and Mustakeem Khan in the lead roles. The film is creatively shot in Delhi staying true to the film’s story.

Talking about the storyline, the film is based on crime satire which will question law and order in the country. The characters belong to Uttar Pradesh wherein certain regions, you will witness prostitution and the business of drugs and illegal weapons.

The story that journeys through the women’s unwilling sacrifices will shock you and it revolves around the region too. Delhi, the capital of our country is merely 47 kms away from this region.

The movie mainly raises questions on the system of the country throughout the story as it tries to justify the horrendous acts done by the characters. It also raises the question that, if a region which is so close to the capital of this country is going through these circumstances then you can imagine the situation of law and order in the interior of the country.

The performance of all the artist is very good with average screenplay and Cinematography This movie will be able to connect with realistic movie lover audience and people of a small town.

Our rating for the film is 3 out of 5.