Rahul is just a friend: Nidhhi Agerwal

Actress Nidhhi Agerwal who was spotted on a dinner date with cricketer  KL Rahul said he is just friend and the dinner was among a group of friends.
Nidhhi was present at the launch of her own app and interacted with media on Thursday in Mumbai.
Nidhhi was recently spotted in Bandra with cricketer KL Rahul, When asked to comment on the rumors, Nidhhi dismissed the rumors about them dating and said,  “We were actually 3-4 friends from Bangalore who met. when the photos were taken it looks like there were only two people but we were a bunch of friends at a dinner. Its just hat I am from Bangalore and so we met but there is nothing more to it. He is just a friend.
Talking about launching her app titled by her name, she said, “It is a great platform and now I will be able to connect with people who like me and want to interact with me. So next time I see them, I will recognize them as someone who truly likes me. I think it is a very good medium for me to get to know my fans better.
When the company approached me with this idea I thought it was a great opportunity and as a person, I am someone who wants everything. I don’t want to let go of any opportunity and this was a great chance.”
Nidhhi who is active on social media was asked how she plans on managing her social accounts and the app she said, “Social media has taken over your entire life, it has reached your personal space, even bedrooms so I share as much as I can and I have left some spaces for only myself. The app that I currently like a lot is Instagram but after my app releases, I will post more content on my app. I will also continue to other other apps.”
Nidhhi is currently shooting for ‘Savyasachi’ and will soon announce a Hindi project