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Lets talk about Netflix's Lust Stories
Lets talk about Netflix's Lust Stories

A movie with four different stories, “”, Directed by four different directors  , , and . But, fails to meet the expectations.

Today, I watched the film and first thing that came to my mind is that ” What Was this”, is this something that we expected from director’s like , , and . Its been a more than a week that film got released on and you all must be aware of all four stories. So I am not going to discuss the story.

I just want to share my own view about the film. The main thing that disappoints me in the four stories is all four directors fails to build the characters. In the first part which was directed by somehow, we can understand Radhika Apte’s character but fails to make a connection with an audience. And that connects with the audience is missing from all four stories.

Talk about the first part, did something unique from all other three stories is Radhika Apte’s mono talk with Camera in between the stories, which really helps me to understand the Radhika’s character and what she actually wants and no doubt Radhika Apte did superbly in terms of acting. But, that emotionally connect with the story and character was missing.

The second part was directed by , and this part was highly disappointed for me. This part has very fewer dialogues and everything depended on the acting of and expressions.  Bhumi Padnekar did brilliantly in terms of expressions and acting but the direction was much below the expectations.  It was very difficult for me to wait to watch the story will end, although this was less in time as comparing all other parts, it seems too long and the story was stretched unnecessary in cleaning the house, tea making etc scene which can be utilised to show something which helps us to understand the characters. Character building was completely missing this part.

The third part was directed by , the story of a wife ( Manisha Koirala) who is cheating her husband from last three years and dating his husband’s friend. I must say director completely forgot to show the logic or reason why she is cheating on her husband.  At the end of this part, I started hatting Manisha’s character as his husband Sanjay Kapoor seems much caring and loving husband. The reasons that Manisha gave to justify her step to move out and date another person doesn’t seem logical.

, who directed fourth and last part of the film completely show his style of direction. Added some masala and tried to make story some funny and entertaining. But, he added some unrealistic scenes which leads the actual disconnect between the audience and story.  The scene that we all saw in Official teaser where Kiara Advani using a tool to satisfy her sexual need was shooted with the completely unrealistic way which could be showcase some other way so that it can be some realistic. However, this part somehow manages to hold the audience with some laughter and some adult jokes.

In total if you planning to take ’s subscription just because you want to see ‘’ then its could your bad decision. But, if you already have subscription that you could watch this film over the weekend you whenever you have some spare time.

If you already watched the film or planning to watch the same, tell me in the comment section below your views about the film.