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Hollywood World sat down with the talented German actress Josephine Ehlert, the star of “Save” by Ivan Sainz -Pardo and “Servus Baby” by Natalie Spinell. “Save” received the “Best Short Film” Nomination at the 7th Edition of the International Filmmaker Festival of New York, which took place at Kaufman Astoria Studios May 25-29, 2018. In this interview Josephine talks to us about her career success, her breakthrough moments, and her new projects. 

Hollywood Insider Interview with Actress Josephine Ehlert

Hollywood World: How did you come into acting career?

Josephine Ehlert: I already knew I wanted to become an actress since I was a child. When ever I had friends around, I would come up with a story, that we would perform for our parents.  I played in several theatre groups after school and when I was a teenager, I joined the theatre youth club of the famous Berlin Theatre. Together with this ensemble I already brought my acting activities on a semi-professional level. We played on the big stage and traveled to many national and international Theatre Festivals. After graduating it was just the next step to apply for drama school. I was very happy that the school that picked me was the very well-known Vienna Conservatory.

Hollywood World: Which film, was the turning point in your life and career?

Josephine Ehlert: Save, a short film by Ivan Sainz-Pardo, definitely was a turning point. It was great to act in a film that touched so many people worldwide in such a short time. I am grateful and happy about that collaboration with Ivan, because I am so inspired by his visions. Another turning point was playing one of four protagonists in the German Mini-Series, called Servus Baby. This is my first main part in a non-independent production. From the moment I read the Casting-Script, I knew: I want to play that part. And, thanks to the universe – I got it! 🙂 

Hollywood World: Who has supported you to come into this field?

Josephine Ehlert: Well first of all, I have to mention my mom. She just trusted me in my dream, to become an artist. She never tried to talk that out of me and through all ups and downs she has always supported me. I am so grateful for that. Besides, I met a lot of really good teachers and could work with some really good directors. And of course there is my Agent, who always believes in me.

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Hollywood World: What is the film “Save” about?

Josephine Ehlert: Save is the story of a young couple that is troubled with parenthood. Then, something happens and nothing will be as before anymore.

Servus Baby is about four ladies in their 30s and the ticking time bomb: everyone gets married and pregnant – but you are just left by your boyfriend on your 30th birthday and now you realize that you became a couch potato during the last years and finding mister right is a mission impossible.

Hollywood World: Who else is involved in this production, director, producer, actors?

Josephine Ehlert: The screenwriter and director of Save is Ivan Sainz-Pardo a Spanish Director, based in Munich, Germany.

Servus Baby is written and directed by Natalie Spinell also from Munich.

Hollywood World: What makes a good scene partner? With which actor did you like working with?

Josephine Ehlert: To me, a good scene partner is someone who gets connected with me and the scene. Someone who can let go of his plans and ideas of the scene and is still open to let the special energy of that very moment let take control. To be a good scene partner you also have to stick to your character. You have to fight for your aims and not be kind or try to appeal the other. Then there really can be a conflict and that is interesting for the audience.

Hollywood World: What are your favorite projects you have been part of? 

Josephine Ehlert: As I already mentioned, Save and Servus Baby, some TV-Movies by the director Johannes Fabrick, because he really is a researcher about humanity and working with him is always very deep.

Hollywood World: Can you please tell us about your upcoming film/festivals/projects?

Josephine Ehlert: Save by Ivan Sainz -Pardo was nominated for Best Short Film Award at the International Filmmaker Festival of New York, where it screened on May 2018 at Producers Club Theaters.

My shortfall Friedenshöhe will be screened at the Warsaw Short Framing on 28th of June. Servus Baby will have its Premiere at the Munich Film Fest at the 2nd of July and will be screened on German TV in fall.


Hollywood World: What have you learned from the directors that you have worked with throughout your career?

Josephine Ehlert: I learned to trust the screenplay. And to trust the director. Best work is, when I really can let go Josephine and become that character. To be able to do so, I need a strong director who exactly knows what she or he wants. And I learned, that every spoken or unspoken word of my character tells me her secrets. It is not my job to ask: „Is she really saying so? Maybe I could say it differently..“ 

Hollywood World: What has been your biggest achievement in the field of acting?

Josephine Ehlert: Well, acting is really a hard job. It costs a lot, for example when you have to go into psychological states that we actually don’t want to feel. We don’t want to be desperate, for example, but if I have to play such a scene. I have to be desperate! – maybe the whole night, again and again and again. And I really have to feel that. (Well, that is my kind of doing that job.. ) So, it really is very exhausting from time to time. But acting is also, the most amazing job I can think of. I achieved lots of incredible good scenes with incredibly good scene partners, in a working environment full of professionals. When I have to play a difficult scene, I feel very relieved, when it is done – the scene when my character Lou in Servus Baby gets left by her boyfriend after her birthday party was a big achievement to me, because I think in the end it became a scene, the audience can cry and laugh about.

Hollywood World: What do you think is most important in the field? 

Josephine Ehlert: Stay concentrated, insistent and full of joy.

Hollywood World: What was your most memorable role? Why?

Josephine Ehlert: My most memorable role is LOU from Servus Baby, so far. She really touched my heart because she is just that kind of lovely looser… She really tries so hard, to make everything right but in the end she just drops a brick after the other. 

Hollywood World: Any tips about how to be a successful actor?

Josephine Ehlert: Love yourself and trust in time. 

Hollywood World: What do you want to be remembered for in life? What valuable lessons have you learned that helped you become the person you are today?

Josephine Ehlert: I want to stay open minded and openhearted, to really face every other human with respect and curiosity. I never want to forget, that life is not about success or fame, it is about encounters and about to enjoy nature, closeness, life in all it’s colors. 

Hollywood World: What’s next?

Josephine Ehlert: Well, first the Servus Baby Premiere and then an international film career 🙂


*Cover Photo Credit: ©Jeanne Degraa Photography 

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